shame on us.

First impressions mean the world to some people, right?  Why do we judge so heavily on appearances?  As a society, we are primarily concerned with fitting in and we don’t allow those that may look, sound or act a little “different from the mainstream person to fit in with us.  Shame on us for that mindset.  Susan Boyle is beautiful in her audition as she sings “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables for the hit TV Show “Britain’s Got Talent.”  Check it out and remember this as you start judging a book by its cover next time.


don’t forget

I love this song and think it’s a great reminder to stop and remember not to get too “busy to miss” things this holiday season, such as visiting with family and friends. 

Among the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I thought this quote was a good reminder for everyone to be thankful for the things we have.


If you are at a computer screen reading this (or reading via tablet/iPad), be thankful. Don’t get so busy that you forget how lucky you are this Christmas. Count your blessings and don’t take any little thing for granted. Something that seems like a little thing to you may be someone else’s everything. Just a reminder…

it’s the little things.

This video is not only hilarious, but really makes me wonder, what if everyone went to fast-food restaurants with the mentality Giorgio did- trying to make an employee (who is probably getting paid minimum wage to serve you) smile?

The now famous internet sensation, Giorgio, was just craving a late night snack and happened to have his guitar in hand when this harmonious exchange occurred! 

Maybe this will give you a new outlook on the way you think about fast food, and next time you’re ordering chili cheese fries, a cheery limeade or five cheesecake bites, you can chuckle a little bit!