shame on us.

First impressions mean the world to some people, right?  Why do we judge so heavily on appearances?  As a society, we are primarily concerned with fitting in and we don’t allow those that may look, sound or act a little “different from the mainstream person to fit in with us.  Shame on us for that mindset.  Susan Boyle is beautiful in her audition as she sings “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables for the hit TV Show “Britain’s Got Talent.”  Check it out and remember this as you start judging a book by its cover next time.


people are awesome.

I think that it is so incredibly cool that people are so talented in so many different ways. How many people can do the things you see in this video? I mean, can you honestly watch this video and not think people are awesome?

I challenge you to take a minute to look around the next time you go shopping or are out in public and just observe people.  Watch and see how good people are at what they do.  Instead of getting annoyed with the numerous things you could, find a little good in people every once in a while, you’ll surprise yourself with how nice it feels.